PEXtender by PEGym Use Instructions

The PEXtender is a simple, yet comfortable and effective device to use for the purposes of lengthening the penis. Below are the recommended steps for preparing for wear:

Warm up the penis for 5-7 minutes before applying the device. A warm soak, warm wrap or use of the Rice Sock will all work. You can also use the BathMate for the warm up - use very warm water and wear for 5-7 minutes under moderate pressure.

1. Prepare your penis for wearing the PEXtender. Use talcum powder before applying the cap.

2. Apply the cap by either rolling it on or stretching it over the glans. It works best when the penis is in a semi-erect state to apply.

3. Select the proper size bell attachment for your glans. Press the glans with cap into the proper sized bell and ensure there's no air pockets. It may be helpful if your penis is in a semi-erect state with some blood in the glans to effect this process. Once all the air is absent from the cap you should have a snug fit.

4. A sleeve may be used if you're prone to penile retraction.

UPDATE- The latest series of sleeves with the PEXtender are conducive to being rolled on to the open portion of the bell attachment.

Roll the sleeve on to your penis, and secure the wide end of the sleeve over the open end of the bell attachment. Talcum powder may be applied to ease application.

Image above shows how the sleeve can be attached to the bell.  Note the overlap.              

5. Fit the Velcro straps to either leg or waist. The velcroed side should be worn against the skin as the clip portion attaches to the other side. Make sure to affix these straps to the same portion of the leg/waist each time.

6. Attach the clip on the bell portion of the device to the adjustable strap. Make sure to adjust the length of the adjustable strap to a comfortable level to start, and note where on the strap the adjustment lies for future adjustments.

7. Use device in accordance with our selected routine. Check out our 7-Week Beginner Routine.

8. Warm down can be performed in the same manner as the warm up except special attention should be paid to inspecting the penis for any anomalies, and moisturizer should be used to keep the skin of the penis healthy and supple.

9. As you progress, make sure you tighten the strap for more tension in accordance with your routine.


    The following is an inventory of a complete PEXtender kit:

    Cap: 1 ea:


    Bells: 1 ea- Small, Medium and Large:


    Sleeves: 1 ea- Small and Large:


    Velcro straps: 3 ea:
    velcro straps


    Clip: 1 ea:


    Tape: 3 rolls:


    NOTE: As with any exercise program, please consult your doctor, prior to beginning, to ensure you are healthy enough for male enhancement exercise. If you experience any negative physical indicators, please discontinue use and seek medical advice. Always start slowly and increase intensity slowly, to help prevent injury, just like any other traditional exercise.

    If you have questions regarding the use of your PEXtender, please e-mail us at bigal @ is the leading male enhancement coaching service and can help you develop a personalized routine, to reach your unique goals, as well as help keep you motivated and accountable.